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39 Animal Instagrams That Are Seriously Too Adorable

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1. @wolfgang2242

Steve is the proud dad of numerous rescue animals, including multiple senior dogs, some chickens, a rabbit, and a pig named Bikini. He loves them all so much that he takes them on road trips, makes sure he spends time with them all individually, and even takes them all on walks. Yes, Bikini included.

2. @_wand_wand

Instagram: @_wand_wand

Yōji Miyagi and Viktor are the faces of this perfect Instagram. Based in Berlin, the account boasts probably one of the nicest monochrome Instagram themes ever.

3. @bunnyloulu

Instagram: @bunnyloulu

This adorable Instagram features three bunnies; Louie, LuLu, and Chester, here pictured enjoying some inflatable toys.

4. @mr.pokee

Instagram: @mr

Two words: adventure hedgehog. Mr. Pokee is the self-proclaimed "World's Cutest Adventurer" but who are we to disagree?


5. @sukiicat

Instagram: @sukiicat

Suki is a Canadian adventure cat, with probably the most enviable aesthetic on Instagram.

6. @buddyboowaggytails

Instagram: @buddyboowaggytails

Literal teddybear pup Boo has a fan following on Facebook of over 17 million. Their Instagram also features their doggy siblings; Buddy and Blueberry.

7. @oldfriends_seniordogsanctuary

Instagram: @oldfriends_seniordogsanctuary

Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary is a haven for rescued senior dogs, making their Instagram a haven for dog lovers. All the dogs get their own feature posts showcasing their unique personalities.

8. @jamonthepig

Instagram: @jamonthepig

Jamon is a micro-pig living in Brazil with his baby brother, Nero. According to his bio, Jamon's interests are "Apples, carrots, food, rest, play, cuddles".


9. @pumpkintheraccoon

Instagram: @pumpkintheraccoon

Pumpkin is a rescued Bahamian raccoon, who lives with two rescue pups called Toffee and Oreo. The account features multiple themed days, including "Wideo Wednesday", which showcase Pumpkin's latest exploits in video format.

10. @boltandkeel

Instagram: @boltandkeel

Bolt and Keel are adventurous cat brothers who are probably more well-travelled than most people. Their life goal is to be on Ellen, and they even have a book launching in October this year.

11. @realdiddykong

Instagram: @realdiddykong

Diddy and Yeti are two tiny monkeys whose exploits have earnt them over a million Instagram followers.

12. @zero.mika

Instagram: @zero

These two Hong Kong based Shiba Inus, Zero and Mika, are seriously too cute not to follow.


13. @juniperfoxx

Instagram: @juniperfoxx

Juniper's Instagram is an homage to the fox's self-proclaimed title of "World's Happiest Fox". A recent addition to the account is another rescue fox named Fig; two-fur-one!

14. @etheltheglamourtort

Instagram: @etheltheglamourtort

Ethel is a Sulcata tortoise with a banging fashion sense. Here she is wearing a stunning felt bouquet, but her signature piece is a gorgeous pink bow.

15. @goatsofanarchy

Instagram: @goatsofanarchy

Goats of Anarchy is a goat rescue centre whose Instagram is filled with the GOAT goats (get it? like Greatest Of All Time goats?).

16. @ferret_rules

Instagram: @ferret_rules

Polly, Zoe, and Meg are a trio of ferrets, here enjoying one of their favourite pastimes, playing in the ball pit!


17. @prairiedogpack

Instagram: @prairiedogpack

This furry family comprises of two prairie dogs, Bing and Swarley, a hedgehog named Morty, and a dog called Enzo.

18. @jaspywoof

Instagram: @jaspywoof

Jasper is a Siberian Husky/Golden Lab mix, aka the perfect adventure dog. Their Instagram is full of perfect pictures of their latest travels.

19. @teddytheshetland

Instagram: @teddytheshetland

The best way to describe Teddy is with his Instagram bio, where he claims to be an "International Heartbreaker" who "dabbles in modelling/womanising".

20. @this_girl_is_a_squirrel

Instagram: @this_girl_is_a_squirrel

Jill is an adorable squirrel who was rescued from the aftermath of Hurricane Isaac. According to her Instagram bio, she likes parkour and Starbucks napkins, and hates vacuums.


21. @macgyverlizard

Meet MacGyver, Instagram's favourite dog-sized lizard. His account is full of incredible photos, and even more incredible captions.

22. @nachoflay

Instagram: @nachoflay

You know Bobby Flay, famous American chef? Yeah, this is his cat, Nacho. The chef named his cat Nacho. It's perfect.

23. @betweentwoears

Instagram: @betweentwoears

This gorgeous account is from the perspective of a rider on horseback, so all the photos feature this beautiful mane of a thoroughbred named Ben.

24. @livingwithbirds

Instagram: @livingwithbirds

This account is all about, as the name suggests, living with birds. It features an array of feathered friends, ranging in size, shape, and colour.


25. @chinnybuddy

Instagram: @chinnybuddy

Mr. Bagel is a chinchilla who, amongst getting up to everyday chinchilla activities on his Instagram, is also a strong advocate against fur and animal testing.

26. @joejoe_the_capybara

Instagram: @joejoe_the_capybara

Meet JoeJoe, the capybara. JoeJoe's hobbies include getting chin scratches and mud baths.

27. @louboutinanyc

Instagram: @louboutinanyc

Louboutina, also know as Loubie, is most known for one thing: her hugs. Her Instagram is full of people's encounters with Loubie in New York, almost all of which include a cuddle.

28. @hiltonpets

Instagram: @hiltonpets

Meet the Hilton pets, Paris Hilton's furry friends. These pets are so spoilt that they even have their own puppy mansion!


29. @blizzardandlulu

Instagram: @blizzardandlulu

Blizzard and LuLu are two adorable adventure pups, often found enjoying nature from the safety of a kayak.

30. @ludwik_guinea_pig

Instagram: @ludwik_guinea_pig

Ludwik is a rescued hairless guinea pig, and apparently part-time model.

31. @hamilton_the_hipster_cat

Instagram: @hamilton_the_hipster_cat

This is Hamilton the "Hipster Cat", rightly named due to his incredible and very real fur mustache.

32. @airportk9

Instagram: @airportk9

This talented pooch is Piper, a border control Border Collie. He also looks better in goggles than any human ever could.


33. @jackthewallaby

Instagram: @jackthewallaby

Jack is a wallaby who loves iPhone cables, hopping, and grass. He also dresses up sometimes and it's super cute.

34. @boristhechameleon

Instagram: @boristhechameleon

Boris' Instagram is full of videos of him exploring, eating, and just hanging out. The account also occasionally features videos of fish playing soccer, as if it wasn't cool enough already.

35. @hermitworld

Instagram: @hermitworld

If you thought hermit crabs weren't anything more than those dollar coin-sized crabs you kept in primary school, then this Instagram is here to prove you wrong. These guys are just a little bigger and a lot cooler than any hermit crab you've ever seen.

36. @mayafennecfox

Instagram: @mayafennecfox

Maya, the Fennec Fox from Russia, is about as cute as it gets. Just look at those ears!


37. @kevinsbirds

Instagram: @kevinsbirds

This is Kevin, and he has a lot of birds. Thankfully for us, he posts about them on Instagram for the rest of us to enjoy.


Instagram: @axolotl

Echo, Puck, and Luna are the stars of this account all about our friends the Mexican Walking fish.

39. @chew_paca

Instagram: @chew_paca

This little guy is Chewpaca, the alpaca. Look out for him on his walks through Adelaide, or chilling in a blow-up pool.