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25 Things Everyone Who Grew Up In Regional Australia Knows All Too Well

Our internet may be slow, but our gossip always gets home fast.

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1. You knew it would take you hours to download anything off the internet.

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2. You always wondered if the drive to get fast food was worth it.

By the time you made the trip back home your Macca's was cold anyway.

3. You could never buy anything online because nothing delivered to where you lived.

You just wanted to be able to buy nice things without the hour drive to the city.

You just wanted to be able to buy nice things without the hour drive to the city.

4. You went to the only primary school in the area.

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Because it was the only one within 30km of your house.

5. You were a member of either the Girl Guides or Scouts.

You probably have an old sash or some badges hidden somewhere at your parents' house.

6. You knew pretty much everyone...


7. ...which means everyone knew everything about you.


You couldn't get away with anything because someone would tell your parents before you even got home.

8. You rushed to get your driver's licence so that you could have some freedom.

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Which was easy enough to do when going anywhere meant an hour-long drive.

9. You spent most of your Saturdays in winter at your local sports club.

Because, let's be honest, there was nothing else to do.

10. There was always that one person who made it big and was the talk of the town.

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And you secretly hoped it would be you next.

11. You definitely worked at the local IGA.

12. Flying anywhere meant spending pretty much all your life savings.

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13. Moving to the "big smoke" sometimes just meant moving to the slightly-bigger next town over.

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Nah mate, I'm not ready to move to Melbourne just yet. How about Bendigo?

14. You tried to exploit your location by applying for all the regional university scholarships.


There has to be some benefit to living in a regional town, right?

15. You knew that the best parties happened in paddocks.

Bonus points if you all camped out in the paddock after.

16. And you knew the best get-togethers were around a bonfire.

17. Everyone in the city complained about the weather, but you knew it was nothing like what you'd experienced.

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18. Going out on the town meant you needed a very dedicated deso driver.

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Because you couldn't afford to fork out an arm and a leg for a taxi.

19. You grew up watching Prime, WIN, or Southern Cross TV.


And moving to the city meant discovering that these stations only existed in regional Australia.

20. You were used to being surrounded by animals and wildlife.

Yes, there were kangaroos in the backyard. No, we didn't ride them to school.

21. You got accustomed to the taste of tank water, so city water tastes weird to you.

22. Going to the city meant you would stock up on clothes for the next six months.


23. You knew the best day of the year was always the local show day.

24. And even though you grew up wishing you lived somewhere else...


25.'ll always appreciate growing up in regional Australia.