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35 Things You Definitely Overheard If You Went To Primary School In Australia

Oh to be a fly on the wall of a primary school today.

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1. "Did you know that if it gets over 40 degrees, school is cancelled?"

2. "Punch buggy!"

3. "Did you know that the teacher's first name isn't Ms?"

4. "Mum said I could get a Woolies mudcake for my birthday party!"

5. "I heard a girl who used to go here is pregnant now."

6. "Why do cars have seatbelts but the bus doesn't?"

7. "Teachers definitely sleep at school. I saw them once."

8. "Wait, she has a crush on him too? But she knows I've liked him for ages!"

9. "Don't Google Image Search IGA."

10. "The chocolate drive is to raise money for our class to get air conditioning."

11. "How do you think I should start our MSN conversation this afternoon? I just really want him to put my initials in his status."

12. "Yeah, we played tiggie together so you could say it's going pretty well."

13. "I know you are, but what am I?"

14. "She let me borrow her ruler today, I think she has a crush on me."

15. "Mr John once saw a kid who was rocking on his chair fall back and crack his head open."

16. "I think he's got nits."

17. "Mum's on canteen duty today so I can get free food."

18. "I forgot my hat so we'll have to sit in the shade today."

19. "Gum stays in your stomach for seven years if you swallow it."

20. "Oh yeah? I'll see you on the handball court."

21. "I think we're doing the beep test today so I'm gonna pretend I rolled my ankle."

22. "I got to go into the staff room the other day and they have soft drink in there!"

23. "You can copy my homework, just change it a bit so it's not the same."

24. *Anything said in pig Latin.*

25. "Who do you like? Can I guess? Is it *lists every person in the grade*."

26. "I'll trade my Le Snak for your Dunkaroos."

27. "I forgot to bring something for show and tell... I'll just make something up."

28. "I've got something to tell you. Let's meet up at the pencil sharpener today."

29. "We weren't allowed out at lunch because a dog ran into the school grounds."

Getty / Gelia / BuzzFeed

30. "Apparently if the teacher doesn't show up in 15 minutes, we're allowed to go home."

31. "Can I borrow 50 cents to get my apple slinkied at lunch?"

32. "We'll have to run home from the bus this afternoon because the mapgies are swooping."

33. "Can you show me how to make a chatterbox?"

34. "I don't like him. I'm not gonna let him sign my shirt at the end of the year."

35. "You just lost the game."

The-Game-You-Lost / Via

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