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16 Of The Most Interesting Eyebrow Trends To Ever Hit Instagram

We've come a long way since sperm brows.

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1. Lightning brows

If you want your brows to look "lit", you can't go past lightning brows. This talented makeup artist created a whole look to match the brows.

2. McDonald's arches brows

Huda Kattan / Via

This trend started as a parody by makeup artist, Huda Kattan. While it was obviously meant as a joke, it's since been picked up and replicated across multiple Instagram accounts.

3. Braided brows

The aim of this trend is to create the illusion of having braided your brows, even though it's definitely impossible. You can replicate the look with makeup, Photoshop, or by adding a braid of fake hair over your brow.

4. Feather brows

This funky trend doesn't need anything but some glue or clear brow gel, so it's super easy to try yourself. Just brush the top and bottom of your brows up and down to create a feathered effect.


5. Heart brows

These cute brows were made by slicking the hair down with a clear brow gel, then drawing a little heart on with concealer.

6. Reverse brows

Who said eyebrows have to face the way they do? A few adventurous makeup artists have experimented with a flipped brow look, where the tip of the eyebrow arches down towards the nose.

7. Squiggle brows

Straight brows are out, and squiggle brows are in. The trend has gained so much traction that there has even been a Snapchat filter made in it's honour.

8. Wavy brows

These brows were made in response to the aforementioned squiggle brow trend. This picture was edited to add to the effect, but that doesn't make it any less cool.


9. Ponytail brow

If you're sick of doing your hair every morning, why not just do your brows instead? This brow mimics a literal ponytail of hair, with a dip and "band" in the middle.

10. Glitter brows

Glitter has been a trend for pretty much everything at one point or another, so these brows should come as no surprise. Play with colour and texture – the glitter world is your oyster!

11. Split brows

The split brow is a sleek, futuristic trend that opens a world of possibilities. You can split them vertically or horizontally, and as many times as you like.

12. Rainbow brows

Coloured brows have long been a staple of the makeup world including this bold rainbow option. You can play with colours and placement to get the perfect look for you.


13. Double brows

A long-standing Instagram trend has been to draw fake eyes and brows on the arms, so it was only a matter of time before this practice moved to the face.

14. Spiky brows

These spiky brows are like the offspring of a regular brow and a dinosaur; which is to say, they're awesome. All it involves is adding small spikes above the regular brows, with whatever product you normally use.

15. Carved brows

Brow-carving accentuates the natural brow shape by highlighting the outside with sharp lines, and then adding a darker shadow outside of that.

16. Diamond brows

This cute trend is super simple and perfect for anyone who's not that experienced at eyebrow art. All it look involves is adding diamonds around your natural brow shape!