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    16 Of The Most Interesting Eyebrow Trends To Ever Hit Instagram

    We've come a long way since sperm brows.

    1. Lightning brows

    2. McDonald's arches brows

    Huda Kattan / Via

    This trend started as a parody by makeup artist, Huda Kattan. While it was obviously meant as a joke, it's since been picked up and replicated across multiple Instagram accounts.

    3. Braided brows

    4. Feather brows

    5. Heart brows

    6. Reverse brows

    7. Squiggle brows

    8. Wavy brows

    9. Ponytail brow

    10. Glitter brows

    11. Split brows

    12. Rainbow brows

    13. Double brows

    14. Spiky brows

    15. Carved brows

    16. Diamond brows