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23 Times Tumblr Realised How Confusing The English Language Is

No amount of high school English could prepare us for this.

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1. When they said what everyone thinks about this horrible word:

2. When they showed us how similar the words for these boring chores are:

3. When they made this life-changing discovery:

4. When they proved how confusing pronunciation can be:

5. Again:

6. And again:

7. But wait, there's more:

8. And even more:

9. When they found these contractions you'dn't've heard of before:

10. Seriously? What is with contractions?

11. Please tell me this is the last one!

12. When they had had enough with the same word twice:

13. When they introduced us to words we didn't know existed:

14. And these words that sound fake, but okay:

15. When they showed us how a simple letter substitution can answer some of life's toughest questions:

16. When they figured out opposites can sometimes mean the same thing:

17. When they blew your minds with this discovery:

18. When they solved this mystery that plagued your childhood:

19. When they answered the right question:

20. When they found a way to overuse the word "and" even more than you thought possible:

21. When they explained the important difference between these phrases:

22. When they made this gruntling discovery:

23. And when they realised that the only logical conclusion is: