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13 Most Common Things You Hear As a Cheerleader

Whether it be your coaches or your friends, these are some of the most common things you'll hear if you're a cheerleader.

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1. “Cheer isn't even a sport.”


Those who have never tried, will simply never know.

2. “‘Woo!’ ‘Hey!’ ‘Go Team!’ ‘Yeah!’”


Wow, that’s a great imitation of what a cheerleader sounds like! How about you do a f**king standing back-flip right before you say that next time?

3. “Now, do it full out.”


Ok, Coach! You’ve got it! This means to do the entire routine with everything in the works: do your stunts, jumps, tumbling passes, motions, etc. Everything.

4. “One more time, full out.”


Ok, Coach… You’ve got it… again... The “last time” is never actually the last time. You’ve done it full out, which means you’re completely out of breathe (if you’re normal). Now, do it all over again 5-7 more times... or until the coach is happy.

5. “Be sharp.”


This doesn’t mean "be smart" or "intelligent." Well, you should be, but this really means straighten your arms, keep them tight and don’t relax any muscles. Make everything look as clean as possible. Keep your arms at your side. Walk in a smooth path. No, this isn't army boot camp, even if it sounds like that.

6. “Be aggressive.”


People who cheer do not actually say this (unless they're joking). Mostly, people say this to cheerleaders, as it is a popular quote from the movie, “Bring It On.” And no. This is NOT our favorite movie just because we’re cheerleaders.

7. “Are you on the top of the pyramid?”


Yes, I am on the top of the STUNT* (proper terminology). Yes, I get dropped on the floor. Yes, I love to hurt myself. Yes, I get bruised. Yes, I get caught in places most people wouldn't want to be caught by. Any further questions?

8. “It’s so easy. I could do that.”


Please. We would love to see you try!

9. “Isn’t cheer the same thing as dance…?”


Haha. Next question.

10. “Can you do those backflip things?”


Yes. I can do those back-handsprings. Back-tucks. Back-layout. Back-layout, step-out. Full.

Ok, well, maybe some of us can do them...

11. “How do you get your foot so close to your head?”


Flexibility is a requirement for this SPORT!

12. “'Hit!' 'Pull!'”

This is when a cheerleader does one of those jumpy things, followed by a flippy thing after!

13. “SMILE!”


Yes, you are required to look happy. Smile through the pain, the torn ACL (true story), the rolled ankle, the concussion -- at least until the end of the routine. Awesome! Oh, wow!

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