My name is Brooke Garwood and I love doing Yoga, Pilates and eating healthy. I also work in the fashion industry where many know me as Brooke Garwood Malik.
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  • Yoga Keeps Me Fit, Happy & Healthy. - Brooke Garwood

    One of friends was remarking how easy it was for me to reach something she could not. I told her one of the reasons for me being so flexible was due largely to me doing yoga everyday. However, that is not the best part. Doing yoga also keeps me fit and healthy. I wrote an article in Behance where I posted some photos about why “Brooke Malik loves Yoga” which you should check out. The bottom line is that once you begin to do yoga, you will understand why so many people all over the world do it.

  • When You Love What You Do! - Brooke Malik

    What can better than having a great job? That’s having one that you love what you do. My name is Brooke Garwood and I been blessed with being able to work in an industry which I love; Men’s fashion. I believe that working can be hard enough but even more so when you are doing something you don’t particularly enjoy. I am lucky to have been employed by renowned custom clothier Paul Cicchini since 2001 where I truly love dong what I do. Some people may better know me as Brooke Malik or Brooke Garwood Malik from recent blogs postings about some of the work I do. I can only hope you are lucky enough to have a job doing what you love. I seen this quote here that sums it all up for me.

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