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The Power Music Has Over Our Minds

The power that music has to alter your mind can be good or bad. It can enhance your mood and make your day better. It can mend your heart when you are trying to heal about something, and it can bring back good memories. But it can also bring back pain. Sometimes the way music enhances something in our brain to feel more emotions can be very intense. For example, when stop listening to a song and you go back to real life, that is you coming out of that intense emotional state that listening to music put you in. Next time you listen to a song, think about how you felt before, during and after, and hopefully you will experience it yourself. Music is one of the most powerful things, other than communicating with words. That is the beauty of it, appreciating it in it's most artistic and purest form. Let it take you to another world, just for a few minutes. Let it be your escape.

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Music is powerful

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