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Six Struggles Only Contact-Wearers Will Know

All eyes are not created equal, but some understand this more than others. For all those blessed with 20/20 vision, it can be easy to assume that is normal. Even those who wear glasses tend to have it pretty easy, but those who suffer through the everyday trials of contacts know so much better.

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Naps Become Painful


You might think it would be pretty easy to just lie down on the couch and take a nap, but not when contacts are involved. A knowledgeable contact-wearer will always say never to sleep in contacts because the result is dry, red, and itchy eyes.

First Time User Struggles


The first time you tried to put your contacts in probably involved a lot of stabs, poking, and watering eyes. Wearing contacts is a learned skill and those first few weeks teach you the hard way.

The Dreaded Search

A dropped pair of eyeglasses sticks out like a sore thumb, a dropped contact blends in like chameleon skin. Not only are the lenses near impossible to find, but the searcher is always half-blind.

Paying for Eyesight


Someone blessed with great vision will never have to worry about paying for new subscriptions. But for contact-wearers, we have to pay in order to see, the injustice of it all!

New Lens Disappointment

Via New Lens Disappointment

There is always the promise of a newer model of contacts that will be the perfect match. Hopes get high that finally, vision will be perfect with this new brand, but it never is. Contact users have to go through constant disappointment every time they put on a new pair of lenses.

Prescription Differences Strike Again!


More often than not, one eye will require a different prescription than the other because it is too much to ask to have both eyes created equal. A good All About Eyes specialist will get the correct prescription set for each eye, but if those contact lenses get mixed up by mistake, the wearer is spending the rest of the day feeling like they are either drunk or upside down.

The struggle is real, and no one understands it but those who poke their eye every day for a little vision.

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