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15 Struggles Only People Who Wear Glasses Will Understand

How glorious it must be, to be able to see everything without wearing metal or plastic magnifiers on your face! Those who wear glasses know the struggle is real.

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Watching Television

What if you want to lay on your side? Watch TV in bed? Forget about it, unless of course you enjoy the side gaze headache that develops. Or if you don't mind pressing metal into your temple which you will inevitably have to bend back into place daily until your glasses eventually break.

Using the Bathroom in the Middle of the Night

Where are my glasses? I can make it downstairs without seeing. I mean, it's dark anyway. Wait, didn't I regret this last time? How do you find glasses when you aren't wearing glasses? Maybe I can hold it until morning. Doubt it though.

Going to the Gym

Try to run with glasses. Seriously, try it. Never mind, use the elliptical instead, just try not to sweat too much or your glasses with just fall off anyway. Better yet, forget the gym. The only thing I can do with glasses in here is walk slowly, so I think I'll do that... to my car.


Get used to watching the weather. You'll want to wear contacts if there is even a chance of rain, otherwise you will spend the rest of the day un-fogging and wiping them down. I suggest wearing cotton.

Switching to Contacts

The invention of Londonderry Eye Care contacts! How glorious this day is! Wait, are these the right prescription? I feel dizzy. Maybe I should just wear my glasses again. I heard it was going to rain though. Is one of these inside out?


Don't bother using the oven, because opening it will just cause immediate fogging of your lenses, which takes minutes to clear up. Just let all the hot air out of the oven every time you check the food. Dinner should be ready in about four hours.

The Sun

Just buy those lenses your grandmother has fit over her glasses. You won't regret it. They don't make cute sunglasses that fit over normal glasses. Or you could spend $500 to switch to prescription sunglasses. That sounds fun.

If you wear glasses - you get it!

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