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13 Things That Happen When You Divorce A Friend

ya got more drama than a Real Housewives reunion episode.

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1. You got in a fight with your friend


You've seen it coming for months. Both of you think you’re right, even if you know you are, they think they are, and sometimes nothing will change. So big deal. It just couldn’t be resolved. It happens in relationships and it can happen in friendships.

2. After trying to work on it multiple times, resolve it, talk about it… it becomes clear no consensus will be reached


They said this, you said that. Hurtful words were thrown around and shady actions took place. Clearly no matter how hard you try, as Drake put it, nothing was the same.

3. You know it’ll be kind of awkward seeing each other around at first because you guys share the same group of friends


But just because you got in a fight with one person, doesn’t mean you got in a fight with 10 other people. Being an adult means sometimes you have to see people you don’t get along with anymore.

12. Well. You tried!


You gave them so many opportunities to work it out as an adult. In all honesty, some people just don’t care and they’ll never see what they did was wrong because in their mind they didn’t do anything.

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