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Adventures In Cat Sitting

My parents went to Italy, and left me with their crazy cat. These are our adventures.

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This is Lexie.

She was a rescue, and the Humane Society thinks she went through a lot as a kitten. Originally my sister's cat, she was "rescued" again by my parents when it became clear she was never going to tolerate my sister's new husband.

Lexie has never been a huge fan of me. (Or anyone).

In fact, she likes to bite, hiss, swat, and run away from pretty much everyone. (Except my parents).

Nevertheless, we were going to become roommates for 14 days.

Here's how our two weeks together played out.

Day 1:

I arrived home around 7:00pm. I took this photo at 9:36pm. By that time, the kitty had already bitten me, and finally decided to be in the same room with me, albeit at a distance.

Day 2:

I had to work late that night. Kitty was NOT impressed when I told her about my day. She continued to stare at me as an intruder into HER space.

Day 3:

Kitty still seemed quite confused by the situation. She kept wandering around the house aimlessly. These are the faces I got most of the time. BUT she finally ventured downstairs when I was working out.

Day 4:

Kitty finally decided she DOES need a bit of love, and started following me around the house a little bit. However, about 2 minutes after I took this photo she bit/hissed at me. Small steps.

Day 5:



Give me love! I'll purr-meow at you!

Okay kitty!


Day 6:

First full day of being home with the Kitty. I napped, Kitty napped. I woke up with kitty inches from my face. Then we ate, and kitty let me pet her. Progress!

Evening of Day 6:

Kitty decided to torture me. From 3:00am to 5:30am, she proceeded to jump up on the bed, bite me, and then jump back down and shake her collar. (Probably from the fear of a sleeping person).

Day 7:

After keeping me up most of the night, Kitty proceeded to sleep in the sunbeam most of the day. The good news? She let me pet and hold her!

Day 8:

Another full day with the Kitty. We furminated, (a shedding treatment) and worked out together! Kitty likes the basement, apparently.

Day 9:

Back to work, Kitty decided to test the waters. We are NOT supposed to be up on that countertop. Stinker.

Day 10:

Kitty Selfie! (Ignore the look of apathy for the selfie).

Day 11:

Kitty is getting bolder, she actually got on the bed and slept for a bit. Then bit me. She prefers this bed (and brush).

Day 12:

Kitty love. (No biting this time!)

Day 13

Final night with Kitty. (Which was good, because everyone seemed to think I was turning into crazy cat lady after posting all these pictures on my facebook now!) We played and got the house ready for Mom and Dad to come home!

Day 14:

Reunited and it feels good.

So...what happened after that?

Well, I went over to my parent's house a few days later, and the Kitty treated me like I was chopped liver. (Which, coincidentally, she hates). Clearly I'm no replacement for her real parents.

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