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    • Bronxgodzilla

      Barry Ira Geller here. It is quite amazing to me that Mr Bearman comes up with “new” stuff, found in the film, but which contradicts his own Wired article of 2007. Perhaps this is because most of the information for his article was provided to him by one of the directors of the documentary being done on me— several years of research. Additionally, Mr Klawans wrote to me in 2004 with his interest in Lord of Light and requested the video of Tony Mendez announcing on Bravo TV he’d stolen my script and production designs to create Argo.Inever heard from Mr Klawans again. In fact, Mr Bearman promisted the doc director lots of credits for her work, but in the end took complete credit for himself, just like Mr Klawans. So it does surprise me that, with all the correct information on me the story, people like Bearman and Richardson come out of the woodwork with fabricated info just to make names for themselves — neither of whom has ever worked with the stature of creative giantsIhave worked with as equals, or barely have had big ideas in their own lives. For anyone who wants to know the truth of the Argo caper, rather than listen to personal aggrandizement as “journalism” — come to Lord of where, aside fromadozen responsible major press articles which are fairly accurate, they can see two separate video interviews of Tony Mendez, and my stories of howIworked with Kirby, Bradbury, Chambers, and Buckminster Fuller. And yes, howIwas sucha”dreamer” to envisionamajor new themepark and raiseamillion to get it going :-)

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