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Flirting Signs Woman

A woman sends other flirting signals than a man - so many people do not feel that the playful contact with the other sex is so easy.

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A manly initiative is desired, but every third person does not dare

When it comes to the first step in flirting, many women still need a male initiative: in their twenties, every second of them expects the man to become active. This resulted in an ElitePartner study in which 6,000 singles were interviewed. This passive attitude is especially prevalent at a young age. From 30 years onwards, it represents only one third. More mature women benefit not only from the courage of the men when they learn to know each other, but only one third of them will be able to speak to any woman who likes him. Uncertainties on both sides can be quickly leveled out with some psychological know-how. The flirting signals of man and woman speak a clear language. In the following, you will learn more about the women references that speak for clear interest.

Woman sends the flirting signals; man only needs to react

Many men ask themselves: How do women flirt? Women 's body language is not always true. They often signal their readiness for contact with a change from intense eyes and looking away. This is the good news for timid men: When women flirt, they make the first step in a subtle way - with a skillful eye stroke. If you are afraid to get the brush-off as a man, you should take your time and enjoy this game. This also reduces the risk for it.

"It is important to learn to interpret glances. Women laugh not only out of flirtation, but also for many other reasons. For example, you will be negating negative feelings such as insecurity, exasperation or annoyance, "says Flirt coach Lisa Fischbach. And friendliness is not always associated with interest. "But if a woman sends flirting signals by searching the eye contact several times, she would not be completely irritated at all."

Tricky: Pleased friendliness instead of interest

As a man in terms of the flirt signals of the woman also times to estimate, belongs unfortunately to the "know-how business" to it. This is even scientifically proven: Skyler Place, a psychologist at Indiana University Bloomington, American students presented German video recordings of speed dating and had them judged only by the gestures and facial expressions of the women: Is she interested? 80 percent of the subjects were wrong with their assessment. After all, many of the female speed dating participants concealed their intentions, or merely imagined their flirt signals.

"The women made a very coquettish impression, but in reality they had no interest in their counterpart," Place says in an article in the world. The psychologist explains this with a biological advantage that women have when they show shy behavior in relationships with men or send fake signals. Lisa Fischbach, a graduate psychologist, advises: "When women flirt, pay attention to the fact that only the corners of the mouth are pulled up or the eyes 'laugh'. To make sure that a woman sends flirt signals, men should also consciously perceive the female body language. "

Is she interested? The female body language

Women signal with an open, attentive attitude that their opposite is sympathetic to them. If a conversation results, women often show the so-called conciliatory behavior and reflect the body language of the man. At the same time, they unconsciously emphasize their femininity by rejecting their hair or playing with it, presenting their necks and touching themselves in the face or arms. At the following defensive gestures, men can see discomfort: "Arms folded in front of the body symbolize distance, as well as defensive movements of the hand. If the woman turns away with the body, that is unfortunately not a good sign, "says Lisa Fischbach.

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