11 Fantastic Sweded Versions Of Hollywood Films

With Swede Fest 11 going down this weekend in Fresno, here are some of the best entries the festival has received since it started back in 2008.

1. Pulp Fiction

You’ll never look at fruits & vegetables the same.

2. The Fast And The Furious

More cardboard than Paul Walker’s acting!

3. Raising Arizona


4. Back To The Future

Extra points for the Smart Car.

5. The Blues Brothers

Even Germany loves Jakes & Elwood.

6. Armageddon

Yes, this definitely deserved to have been released as part of the Criterion Collection.

7. Tree Of Life

Not even Malick can escape the swede treatment.

8. La Bamba

Not my RITCHIE!!

9. Se7en

What’s in the box?! A bunch of LULZ!

10. Iron Man 3

Where’s the bunny?!

11. BONUS: Kill Bill

A remix of a remix.

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