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"Giant Vs Horde" Is The Next Level Of Video Gaming

Check out this nifty Kickstarter where one player in a motion-capture suit and using Oculus Rift VR goggles plays the "Giant" vs hundreds of player-controlled "Horde" ships. With the advancements of Oculus Rift and the Facebook buy-out for 2 billion dollars, it looks like VR gaming is once again the future.

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The "'Giant" in this game is controlled by a single person in a motion-capture suit using Oculus Rift VR technology. You literally BECOME the giant, dodging and smashing the enemy fighters as they band together to destroy you.

Everyone else is the "Horde". Control a customize-able fighter in third-person to take down the biggest, baddest boss fight around. Use strategy and skill to do anything from taking down a Titan from SNK to being the guy responsible for dropping Godzilla.

First Look at Giant vs Horde

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This lovely little tech demo gives you a better idea of what they have planned, and how neat the experience will truly be. How cool would it be to have this be the new multiplayer experience?

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