7 Spoiler-Free Reasons You Should Really Watch “Fargo”

You should go watch FX’s Fargo right now. Finishing its first season last night, Fargo went out with a phenomenal bang. Without giving anything away, here are 7 reasons, in GIF-form, why you should go check out the best show of 2014 (even over True Detective).

1. 1. You will both love and hate Martin Freeman’s Lester.

2. Look at that puppy dog.

3. Emmy-winning actor in full swing.

4. Ugh… his face.

5. 2. You WILL get creeped the heck out by Billy Bob Thornton’s Lorne.

6. He really asks the tough questions.

7. When he gives advice, you should probably listen.

8. Even in disguise he is terrifying!

9. 3. You will cheer for Allison Tolman’ Molly.

10. She never gives up on her case.

11. Everyone knows she is the best cop around.

12. Oh, and did I mention she is precious?

13. 4. The supporting cast, which includes Bob Odenkirk…

14. Colin Hanks…

15. Keith Carradine…

16. Adam Goldberg…

19. …and Oliver Platt, to name a few.

20. 5. The Amazing Minnesotan Accent!

23. 6. It is sorta connected to the film of the same name.

24. Yet also not?

25. Yet also TOTALLY.

26. 7. IT. WILL. SHOCK. YOU.

27. No matter what you think…

28. You aren’t prepared for where this show takes you.

29. So are you going to go find it and watch it now?

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