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    • brockl2

      Who is the friend in the kitchen photo with the ranch dressing and why haven’t you seen fit to write about him, as long as you’re plucking photos from his social media profile? His name is Dias Kadyrbayev and he is Chechnyan andacurrent student at M.I.T., where the guard was shot and killed. He specifically made the year-old photo in question his main vk profile pic early this morning, around 3AM EDT, before Tsarnaev’s name was made public, then erased itafew hours later. There are enough uncanny coincidences there to merit asking some questions, particularly as much more tenuous links have been analyzed to death in the news all day. So why isn’t anyone mentioning his name or asking these questions? And why is Buzzfeed publishing his photo, but not doing the follow-through of asking who he is?

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