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The Year In Beyoncé

That awkward moment when you realize Beyoncé does more in a day than you did in all of 2014. Needless to say, Queen Bey's year was "***Flawless".

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Fresh off successfully stopping the world in December with her surprise album, Beyoncé started of the year with a birthday party for her adorable daughter Blue Ivy.

On January 12, Beyoncé published an essay on gender equality for The Shriver Report.

Then she and her husband Jay Z opened up the 2014 Grammys on January 26 with an incredibly hot rendition of "Drunk in Love".

On February 12, Bey, Jay, and Kanye released the official remix of Drunk in Love, just in time to be added to everyone's Valentine's Day lovemaking playlists.

On March 27, Beyoncé concluded The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour with an emotional performance in Lisbon, Portugal.

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"I'm giving ya'll the ugly cry."

April 22: BOOTS, a previously unknown music producer before contributing to BEYONCÉ, releases "Dreams" a song featuring Beyoncé from his debut mixtape WinterSpringSummerFall.

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In April, she appeared at Coachella to dance with her sister Solange.

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On May 5, Beyoncé attended the Met Ball with Jay Z and Solange...

...which of course led to Elevator Gate.

Many speculated there was trouble in paradise...

But they were WRONG. She and Jay Z launched right into their joint On the Run Tour to shut the haters down, releasing this faux trailer on May 17.

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Don Cheadle! Blake Lively! Rashida Jones! Jake Gyllenhaal?!? Emmy Rossum!?! Sean Penn?!?!?!?!? How long is it before this is turned into a real movie?

July 24: Beyoncé reveals her involvement with the Fifty Shades of Grey film when the first trailer debuts with a rerecorded (and incredibly sensual) version of "Crazy in Love" featured in it.

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Uh oh uh oh uh oh oh no no...

On August 2nd, Bey released "***Flawless (Remix)" featuring Nicki Minaj over night, and per usual, stops the world.

August 24: Beyoncé steals the show at the VMAs with a 17-minute closing performance featuring a medley of all the songs on her visual album, and walked away with 4 Moonmen, including the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award.

Also on August 24, my heart stopped beating for 17 minutes.

On September 20, HBO aired a concert special of Jay Z and Beyoncé's On the Run Tour.

She did so much this year.

She was on the cover of Time...

She posed with the Mona Lisa...

A collection of fine art.

A collection of fine art.

She announced an activewear line with Topshop...

She and Nicki collaborated again for The Pinkprint...

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WORLD STOP......................................... carry on.

And she reunited with Kelly and Michelle for Michelle's gospel jam "Say Yes".

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Destiny's Child Forever <3.


Too cute for words.

Too cute for words.

She released Beyoncé: Platinum Edition, her first box set album, with new songs and remixes.

She randomly dropped this music video for her song "7/11" off said album.

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She knows you care.

There were parodies of just how much she runs the world...

She met the OTHER royal family...

Kate may be a princess, but Bey is a Queen.

Kate may be a princess, but Bey is a Queen.

And she was at Taylor Swift's birthday party for some reason.

Can a T-Swift/Yoncé collab be expected soon? Eh, probably not. But we can imagine!

Can a T-Swift/Yoncé collab be expected soon? Eh, probably not. But we can imagine!

But for every highlight...

It is generally agreed that there was just one misstep.

Introducing the Mini-Bangs. Or is it Bey-ngs?

Introducing the Mini-Bangs. Or is it Bey-ngs?

It doesn't matter. What matters is just how much she slayed this year.

She's now haw the most Grammy nominations of any woman ever...

53 noms and 17 wins! (Don't be surprised when the number of wins changes in 2015.)

She topped numerous year-end lists. Like Rolling Stone and Time's Best Songs of 2014...


Not to mention the highest paid African American artist of all time, too AND Apple's Artist of the Year.

Well done, Yoncé. Here's to an even better 2015!

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