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The DRC Wants To Improve Education In Post War States- Heres How They're Planing On Doing That

In todays world, the need for education is emphasised more than ever before .... Today the DRC introduced a draft working paper to UNICEF on improving educational standards.. #Brizmun2017

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Establish regional and international approaches

DRC states that with the increase in children having to flee across borders as refugees, a more cohesive approach to education is required.

Regional and international approaches such as

1. Greater co-operation between nations

2. Strengthening regional relationships and organisations, focussing on education

may have the potential to reduce disruption to education in these states.

Providing teacher training

Ensuring educational curriculums are culturally sensitive and relevant, whilst ensuring adequate training is provided to professional...

Creating positive job outcomes

Ensuring the skills taught within the educational curriculum are applicable to the workforce.

Combating the overcrowding in schools

Focus on the distribution of educational materials and the establishment of infrastructure. #yas

Establishing effective means of transportation for children in rural and urban areas

For girls, disabled children, children of indigenous people and children living in remote areas.

Establish a system that is self-sufficient

Establishing a system that can be state managed and sustainable.


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