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So...who ARE the Arts and Sciences ambassadors? What do they do?

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Joining the University of Kentucky College of Arts and Sciences Ambassador program has been one of the best decisions of my college career. It can be very difficult to choose how to be involved on such a large and diverse campus. There are so many great options, but only so many hours in a day!

The ambassadors are a great group of students that push each other to continue to do great work. Being an ambassador combines my love of UK and college with academics. My love of meeting new people is used during See Blue Preview Nights where I get to talk to many prospective students about what I love about UK and the College of Arts and Sciences. I get to gush about my amazing experiences and encourage them to visit UK.

The best moments as an ambassador are talking to prospective students who want to be political science majors...just like me! It allows me to share many positive personal experiences about my professors and my major overall. It is a great feeling bonding with a stranger over common interests!

Further, leadership at the university look to the ambassadors for suggestions on how to improve campus. It is wonderful knowing that a small group of students could have such a large impact on our campus!

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