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    40 Lunar New Year Goodies You Can Get From API-Owned Businesses

    Time to put that LNY money to use 🤪🧧

    1. A Lady M x My Melody Lunar New Year gift set to celebrate the New Year with some sweet treats from your favorite Sanrio character.

    Red My Melody Gift set on pink background next to clear boxes of candies and red envelopes.

    2. A cat zodiac enamel pin as this Vietnamese New Year, the zodiac animal is actually the cat instead of the rabbit.

    Matte Red and Glitter Red Cat Zodiac Enamel Pins

    3. Cute moon and bunny holographic stickers for celebrating both Lunar New Year AND the Mid-Autumn Festival for 2023.

    Model holding stickers of Cute Bunnies on the Moon

    4. An adorable Tayto the Potato Bunny Mochi Plush that can help you hold all of your Lunar New Year Money.

    5. Our Lunar New Year, a book to teach the young ones what Lunar New Year is all about.

    Our Lunar New Year Book on white background next to potted plant

    6. A large, reusable sticker book that'll hold all the new stickers you collect throughout the year.

    Cover of Chinese Zodiac animals on orange background on stickerbook

    7. A Rabbit Moonlight Passion Planner to help you celebrate leaping to live your dreams and keep track of your daily activities.

    8. A Kitsby chocolate truffle trio kit so you can make chocolate truffles resembling fluffy bunny tails for the family!

    9. A Lunar Apples scented candle to bring prosperity and good fortune into your or your loved ones' home.

    Lunar Apples Candle on wooden board surrounded by Apples, Red Envelopes, and White Rabbit Candy

    10. A Year of the Rabbit jade necklace that represents elegance and responsibility — and to show everyone that it's your year to shine.

    Various Jade rabbits surrounding a Jade rabbit necklace

    11. A Lucky Tummy Chinatown Treats wooden play set for when you're too full to eat but still want to have the yummy treats in the palm of your hand.

    Wooden Playset versions of traditional Lunar New Year treats

    12. Some Little Bunnini bunny pastries to add some adorableness to your family dinner spread.

    Bunny shaped cookies, breads, and eclairs on wooden white table next to plush bunnies.

    13. A chibi-style Fish Prawn Crab game so you can play your favorite New Year game with an adorable twist.

    14. A beautiful White Rabbit candle that will transport you right back to your childhood.

    White Rabbit Candy-themed scented candle on top of corresponding box surrounded by White Rabbit Candies

    15. A pack of toasted black sesame oatmeal to eat with your Tang Yuan because sometimes we just want a little more black sesame.

    Toasted Black Sesame Oatmeal cup with strawberries next to a spoon.

    16. Our Place's Year of the Rabbit collection so you can cook and eat your favorite meals with the best dishware.

    17. A Lunar New Year card that adds a lovely excerpt on the importance of the Year of the Rabbit to each Red Envelope exchange.

    Red Lunar New Year Card with a lesson.

    18. A zodiac animal red bookmark to keep track of your reading progress and help you get back to where you left off.

    Red Envelope style bookmarks with cute zodiac animals on them

    19. This Year of the Rabbit embroidered hoodie so you can keep the cutest little friend in your pocket.