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25 Things Under $25 From Asian-Owned Businesses For Anyone Who Loves Boba

For when you haven't had your boba fill for the day.

While BuzzFeed celebrates Asian Pacific American Heritage Month (APAHM), we also believe in celebrating the contributions from Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders year-round. Please enjoy this APAHM-themed product post from BuzzFeed Shopping and know that you can enjoy these businesses well beyond this wonderful, dedicated month.

1. This Bubble Tea purse that'll be complimented by everyone at the boba shop.

2. These taro bubble tea oatmeal cups to bring you energy and start your day right.

Taro Bubble Tea Oatmeal in a cup with blueberries and strawberries on top

3. These mini boba keychains that are so fun to shake up and are cute little babies compared to your regular milk teas with less ice and extra sugar.

Hand holding various mini boba cup keychains

4. This "You're a Tea-riffic Friend" greeting card – the perfect card to give to your boba buddies!

Pink greeting card with yellow, brown, and green bubble teas

5. This Boba Luggage Tag is perfect for all your boba-loving and adventurous friends. It's made out of PU leather and stitched to be very durable, plus buckles securely onto your luggage handle, mini getaway bag, backpack, or anything else you may use.

Front of boba luggage tag (left) and back of boba luggage tag with placeholder for your contact info (right)

6. Starter Pokemon boba tea stickers for your friends who are obsessed with boba AND Pokémon.

Starter Pokemon of different types playing with boba in boba cups.

7. This brown sugar boba scented candle to let you enjoy the warm, rich aroma of your favorite bubble tea shop in the comfort of your own home!

Candles with the same visuals as a brown sugar milk tea drink.

8. This bat boba iron-on patch to help give you a friend to drink boba with even if all your other friends are busy.

Bat drinking red bubble tea

9. A pair of boba milk tea earrings to wear WHILE drinking your favorite boba drink.

10. This Spill the Tea collapsible phone grip to help you hold your phone in one hand while drinking boba in the other.

Circular phone grip will boba spilling

11. This extra-cute crochet amigurumi bubble tea and boba tea that you can snuggle all night long while thinking about what flavor boba you're gonna get the next morning.

Milk tea and ube milk tea themed amigurumi plushes

12. This I Love Boba! book for your tiny human's storytime sessions. It's a fun, whimsical, rhyming story that describes why boba is so great, and it is available in English and Traditional Chinese with Pinyin and English!

13. This boba desktop tote bag to help carry all your study materials to the boba shop.

Desktop art on a totebag

14. This Totoro phone holder because your favorite neighbor loves boba as much as you do!

Totoro drinking boba on a phone case

15. This leak-poof reusable boba cup that you can use to stay sustainable and shake up your boba drinks without spilling a drop!

16. This samoyed bubble tea enamel pin you'll want to add to your pin board, backpack, and wherever else this cute samoyed pup should live.

enamel pin of cute fluffy samoyed pup acting as whipped cream in bubble tea

17. This stainless steel boba straw to help reduce waste and puncture the hole needed to drink your bubble tea.

black stainless steel boba straw with cleaner and drawstring bag

18. These boba charms so you can carry your favorite drinks with you at all times.

black milk tea, green milk tea, and mango fruit tea as charms

19. This lovely Love the People Behind the Bubbles sticker you can stick on your laptop, Thermos, or anything you can put your mind to!

Love the People Behind the Bubbles Sticker

20. This Cu-Tea boba tee and bodysuit for your favorite cuties in your life.

21. These Sky, Galaxy, Underwater boba-themed enamel pins that put a fun spin on "seasonal drinks."

Boba cups of landscapes in environments

22. This Big Cities Little Foodies: Taipei book for the little foodies in your life. It teaches children about shapes using your favorite Taiwanese dishes including triangular scallion pancake slices, square pineapple cakes, boba, and more.

Purple book with two kids hugging a giant boba cup

23. Black sesame crunchy butter that people have said tastes amazingly like a black sesame latte with boba.

Black Sesame Crunchy Butter being spread onto bread

24. These bubble tea boba glass jar earrings – they're the perfect accessory to wear with you on your next boba run!

The earrings in various colors

25. And this classic milk tea boba candle with a reusable jar that will look like you have boba with you at all times. It's the perfect addition to your bedroom, bathtub, or workspace to give you the extra me-time you deserve.

Candle made to look like boba milk tea

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