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We hope you love our recommendations! Some may have been sent as samples, but all were independently selected by our editors. Just FYI, BuzzFeed and its publishing partners may collect a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page.

If You Love Boba, You're Going To Love These Products From Asian-Owned Small Shops

Feeding my boba obsession one small business at a time 🤤

While BuzzFeed celebrates Asian Pacific American Heritage Month (APAHM), we also believe in celebrating the contributions from Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders year-round. Please enjoy this APAHM-themed product post from BuzzFeed Shopping and know that you can enjoy these businesses well beyond this wonderful, dedicated month.

1. This Some Bunny Loves You Bundle that makes a great gift for someone who loves self-care. 💕

Bunny boba pillow, eyelashes, bunny headband, strawberry boba candle, and strawberry bubble tea mask

2. This boba mouse pad as the perfect addition to your office space (and it'll look good next to your daily boba drink of the day).

Pink mouse pad of different types of boba drinks

3. A matcha milk tea Boba-saur enamel pin as in Boba-saur because Bulbasaur — get it?? You get it, I love it, you love it.

Bulbasaur wearing boba on its back

4. This bubble tea bestie sticker sheet you can share with your BFF!

Boba x Matcha sticker sheet

5. A frog holding milk tea boba plushie because FROGGIE BOBA. FROGGIE BOBA. FROGGIE BOBA.

6. Cute Bubble Team enamel pins that'll remind you of your favorite drink!

Cute white bear in boba cup

7. Brown sugar milk tea-inspired nails so you can say you’ve got boba on your fingertips all the time!

Orange coffin-shaped nails with brown sugar milk tea in bottom half

8. And this boba tea splash and bubbles ring to match those beautiful nails above. 👆

9. This bubble tea sweatshirt perfect for your next boba run!

Beige crewneck with 3 boba cups of milk tea embroidery

10. Sabobatage: The Boba Card Game for your next family gathering!

View this video on YouTube

Sabobatage / YouTube

Sabobatage started as a Kickstarter by three friends during the pandemic and is on a mission to donate more than 1,000 games to charities, nonprofits, and children's hospitals. To play, you pretend you're a boba shop owner and create new drinks with the yummy ingredients and flavors on cards. This easy-to-learn strategy game will definitely be perfect for family and adult game nights, and we can all enjoy sipping our favorite boba drinks while playing!

Promising review: "Can I just say? This game is so much fun! Not only does it have cheeky and clever themes, but it's entertaining to play with anyone! This is one Kickstarter I do not regret backing!" —Maddy U

Get it from Sabobatage for $25+ (available in various packages).

11. I Love You, Little Boba Book + Soft Toy Set to start your little one's boba obsession early.

"I Love You, Little Boba" Book next to Milk Tea Boba Plush

12. This Boba IV embroidered cap perfect for when you wanna get your boba fix for the day but don't want to fix your hair!

13. These bubble tea pom-pom earrings that I'd be playing with while they're hanging out on my ears.

14. This Boba Ita Bag – the cutest way to store and show off all of your favorite enamel pins.

blueberry, tropical tea, and milk tea themed pin holder purse

15. A boba milk tea protein powder for all the homies who love working out and still need their boba fix for the day.

Boba Milk Tea Protein Powder in a bag

16. A 10-piece tumbler set because what’s a better way to help the environment AND satisfy our boba cravings?

Teboco cup set

17. This Taiwanese Style DIY boba tea kit perfect for getting your boba fix without leaving your house!

Packets of pearl milk tea

18. And finally, this Boba Bam Instant Boba that will save you a trip and time waiting in line at your local bubble tea shop.

4 packs and 12 packs of Boba Bam's instant boba

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