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23 Asian–Owned Small Business You Should Follow On Instagram And Support ASAP

Some of these small businesses also donate their proceeds to several AAPI, BLM, and more organizations in hopes to create lasting social change.

We hope you love the AAPI–owned small businesses we recommend! BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales and/or compensation from some of links on this page, but we always feature businesses we love and stand behind. We would like to encourage you to shop small and support your local businesses whether it's buying a gift card, purchasing their merchandise, or liking/sharing/commenting on their social media channels!

1. Peachy Stitches

2. Goldune

3. Audae & Co

4. Rifruf

5. BoutiqueDeMai

6. Baisun Candle Co.

Brown sugar scented boba candles

7. Sew Angelik Designs

8. Private Paradise Co.

9. Tuk Tuk Box

10. Ippo Designs

11. Bachans

12. Faceted Beauty

13. Catch Feelings Designs

14. Slant'd

15. Nguyen Coffee Supply

16. Made In Chinatown

17. Mas & Nobu

18. Sạch

19. Milk and Honey Clay

20. Banana

21. Love and Pebble

22. Chunky Paper

23. Wing on Wo & Co.

What are some of your favorite Asian American and Pacific Islander–owned small businesses? Comment them down below!

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