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    14 Signs You Are A Quest Bar Fanatic


    1. Your whole world flipped upside down when you discovered you could microwave and broil your Quest Bar to perfection.

    2. When you see someone with a Quest Bar you first are surprised, but then feel some unspoken connection.

    3. You have taken your fair share of Quest Bar selfies.

    4. You have made miniature Quest Bars to accessorize your iPhone.

    5. You are familiar with the term "Chunk Porn."

    6. You thought about dressing up as a Quest Bar for Halloween.

    7. You are guilty of entering an Instagram Quest Bar giveaway.

    8. You live for Quest Nutrition's Recipe of the Week.

    9. You firmly believe that Quest Bars are suitable for every age.

    10. You attend fitness expos for the sole purpose of visiting the Quest Nutrition booth.

    11. You compare a delivery of Quest Bars to Christmas Day.

    12. You are so motivated by your Quest Bar box that you have considered framing it.

    13. You have grown so fond of these bars, you consider yourself to be in a serious relationship with them.

    14. You exercise not to get swoll, fit in those skinny jeans, or lose a few pounds…you exercise just so you can have that piece of heaven known as a Quest Bar in your mouth.