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21 Tumblr Posts That Will Speak Directly To Your Soul During Finals Week

"Finals week stress level: Forgot backpack."

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1. This all too true moment of realization:

2. These freakishly accurate horoscopes:


3. This attempt at Christmas humor:

4. This sad moment of awareness:

5. And this portrait of what you look like right now:

6. This semi-motivational poster:

7. This moment of complete panic:

8. This ray of hope:

9. And this brilliant cheat sheet masterpiece:

10. This act of of desperation:

11. And this flawless demonstration of multi-tasking:

12. This divine hashtag:

13. This familiar decline in self-confidence:

14. And this perfect example of procrastination:

15. This thrilling feeling of rebellion:

16. And this strategy for motivation:

17. This good luck charm:


18. This theory on sleeping:

19. And this all too familiar downfall:

20. This wise way of averting disaster:

21. And finally, this positive self-talk:

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