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    Updated on Jan 3, 2020. Posted on Jan 27, 2016

    19 Things You Quickly Realize When You Move Into Your First Apartment

    "I'm gonna need a lot more of these quarter rolls."

    1. Using all of your resources to their maximum capacity and making things become other things is a wonderful thing.

    photogirl_schmitt / Via

    Example: Stool becomes entertainment center.

    2. Your dreams of having the perfect HGTV-looking apartment are not realistic.

    ridingwriter88 / Via

    Bed sheets for curtains. Case in point.

    3. And things like bowls, utensils, and cups, well, they don't just come as a packaged deal with your apartment.

    binabuttercup / Via

    Eating cereal out of a pot, NBD.

    4. Your fridge doesn't just ~magically~ fill itself up, so you've accepted the fact that most of the time it will look like this:

    onceamoose / Via


    5. And when your mom and dad visit, you must take full advantage of their willingness to buy you a few essentials.

    petteradactyl / Via

    "Thank you. Now, I won't starve for at least another few weeks."

    6. You quickly realize that you should probably invest in a decent tool kit.

    kay_lea222 / Via

    Because adults own nails and hammers, OK?

    7. But Command Strips are the greatest ‘cause you’re all about making the least amount of commitment.

    tamaramaroo / Via

    These things are actual lifesavers.

    8. If you don't buy a dresser within the first week of moving into your place, your floor will always look like this:

    sonia_begonia_ / Via

    Oops. Where's the floor again?

    9. And household chores that you thought were a piece of cake, well, they aren't actually as easy as they appeared.

    _staylucky / Via

    It happens.

    10. Because you're on such a tight budget, you quickly learn that you're going to have to make some no cable.

    jladylala / Via

    😭😭😭 BASIC CHANNELS 😭😭😭

    11. You learn that not all air-conditioning units function properly or are decent looking.

    pamanista / Via

    They also aren't as silent as you would like them to be.

    12. And that some stoves are NOT electric.

    katiemyers / Via

    "Dad. How do you light a pilot light? Asking for a friend..."

    13. There is no toilet paper fairy.

    jocosusdk / Via

    Shocking, I know.

    14. Having inflatable furniture isn't the WORST thing in the world.

    mcruz65 / Via

    Still does the job and is better than watching TV on the floor.

    15. But buying a legit couch, well, there's no better feeling.


    Owning a couch = one step closer to being a full-blown adult.

    16. You come to understand that quarter rolls are the most precious gift.

    katapunya / Via

    Without quarters, you would be one stinky mess.

    17. And that neighbors can be so wonderfully passive aggressive.

    nickicirami / Via

    You quickly adjust to seeing, writing, and delivering passive aggressive notes on the reg.

    18. IKEA is your best friend.

    oye_loca00 / Via

    Affordable and will last just long enough.

    19. And, finally, that desperate times call for desperate measures.

    itsfunsizejess / Via

    Because, let's face it, you probably don't have a dishwasher, and your kitchen is too damn small.

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