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    17 Things You'll Understand If You're Slightly Obsessed With Singing In The Car

    A water bottle microphone helps you perform so much better, TBH.

    1. You know all it takes is about half a second of you sitting in the car with the music on for you to look like this:

    2. It doesn't matter what kind of day you're having, if your jam comes on, you will perk up. You WILL sing.

    3. You know that since you have limited mobility while driving, it's all about the facial expressions.

    They really add that extra zest to your performance.

    4. It's all about the arm movements.

    5. If you're just really feeling it with your crew, it's all about the choreographed dance moves.

    6. And when your voice gets too tired, it's all about taking a casual instrumental break.

    7. It doesn't matter if you're a Belieber or not, if an old school Bieber song plays, you better beliebe that you're ready to sing it.


    8. If a rap song comes on, AND you happen to know the words, oh it's on. You're singing it.

    9. And you know what, even if you're driving your family, friends, and loved ones crazy with you're're doing it anyway!

    10. You tend to enjoy your performances the most when you introduce props into the mix.

    11. And you know that you'd be nowhere without your audience.

    12. You are certain that singing in the car gives you magical powers and bravery that allows you to attempt those high notes you were once afraid of.

    13. And you know it's the only place where you actually NAIL those notes.

    High notes like these just aren't capable of happening in the shower.

    14. When your best friend is in the passenger seat you know you're guaranteed to have more fun.

    Duets galore.

    15. And you're guaranteed to dabble with harmonizing.

    Sometimes you surprise yourself with how good you end up sounding!

    16. Without a doubt, you know that nothing feels quite as good as hitting that last POWERFUL note right when you arrive at your destination.

    17. And just because you arrive at your destination, it does NOT mean you're quite done yet.