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    19 Reasons Costco Is All You Could Ever Want And Need

    The most precious thing in your wallet is that Gold Star membership card.

    1. Having a Costco membership is like being a part of an elite private society.

    2. Half the time you go just for the free samples...

    3. ...and you always find a way to go back for seconds.

    4. There's a special place in hell for people who do this on a Sunday.

    5. A trip for JUST toilet paper and paper towels is totally justifiable.

    6. The sight of a Costco sheet cake makes you weak in the knees.

    7. You know what a Costcop is.

    Respect the highlighter.

    8. You will NEVER have enough space in your cart.

    9. As hard as you may try, you never make it home without consuming half of the pizza you purchased at the food court.

    10. You will never run out of gum.

    11. You have exclusive access to the BEST gas prices.

    12. Costco churros are a gift sent down from heaven.

    13. It's the perfect place for date night...

    14. It's the perfect destination wedding venue.

    15. You've liked the Facebook page for Costco's iconic giant plush bear.

    16. You absolutely love and appreciate that Costco doesn't use bags.

    17. Kirkland Signature is the only brand you need.

    18. They have you covered for every milestone in your life.

    From the cradle to the grave...literally.

    19. And basically, you know that everything is bigger and better at Costco.