21 Things Girls With Thin Hair Don't Need To Hear Right Now

"Have you tried dry shampoo?" —Every person, ever.

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5. Or, "How come you never grow your hair out?"

When you spend YEARS growing your hair long, only to realize that after all, it looks better mid length. #fail #thinhairproblems

^That's why *weeps*.

6. "Why don't you ever rock braids?"

RIP, braids.

7. "Your top bun is so cute and small! It resembles Harry Styles'."

#thinhairproblems thank you harry styles for being a amazing sample.


8. Or, even better, "Your top bun is so cute it looks like a little sumo wrestler's."

when ur messy bun looks more like a sumo wrestlers bun #thinhairproblems

Just what I wanted to hear.

10. "How come you never wear your hair up?"



11. "That updo does not make you look like you're balding..."

Thin hair problem. Make a braid and see all the "bald spots" #thinhairproblems #blonde

Don't lie to me.

12. "Why isn't your hair luscious and thick like a Disney Princess?"

I'm sorry that I'm not an animated character.

14. "Have you tried taking Biotin?"

Is that even a real question? Of course I have.

15. "Does that Mane 'n Tail stuff work for you?"


20. "I wish my hair tie could wrap around my hair five times!"

When you can do 5... #thinhairproblems

Do you really wish that though? Do you?

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