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    Updated on Sep 2, 2020. Posted on Oct 30, 2015

    21 Things Girls With Thin Hair Don't Need To Hear Right Now

    "Have you tried dry shampoo?" —Every person, ever.

    1. "I'm so jealous it only takes you five minutes to flat-iron your hair."

    I mean, it's not THAT big of a deal or anything.

    2. "You could just get extensions."

    WE tv /

    What if I don't wanna???

    3. "How come you've never tried a middle part?"


    Everyone agrees, that hair-plastered-to-your-face look is not a good look at all.

    4. "I bet you would look great with a mid-length cut."

    ABC /

    Just because I MIGHT look good with a mid-length cut does not mean I want one! Grow hair, grow.

    5. Or, "How come you never grow your hair out?"

    When you spend YEARS growing your hair long, only to realize that after all, it looks better mid length. #fail #thinhairproblems

    ^That's why *weeps*.

    6. "Why don't you ever rock braids?"

    RIP, braids.

    7. "Your top bun is so cute and small! It resembles Harry Styles'."

    #thinhairproblems thank you harry styles for being a amazing sample.


    8. Or, even better, "Your top bun is so cute it looks like a little sumo wrestler's."

    when ur messy bun looks more like a sumo wrestlers bun #thinhairproblems

    Just what I wanted to hear.

    9. "I bet your hair dries so fast."

    Well, yes. Can't complain about this.

    10. "How come you never wear your hair up?"

    11. "That updo does not make you look like you're balding..."

    Thin hair problem. Make a braid and see all the "bald spots" #thinhairproblems #blonde

    Don't lie to me.

    12. "Why isn't your hair luscious and thick like a Disney Princess?"

    I'm sorry that I'm not an animated character.

    13. "How come you never take naps?"

    20th Century Fox /

    I wake up with messy, greasy hair resembling Edward Scissorhands. That's why.

    14. "Have you tried taking Biotin?"

    Is that even a real question? Of course I have.

    15. "Does that Mane 'n Tail stuff work for you?"


    16. "It must be nice not having a ton of hair to weigh you down."

    Yep, just trying not to blow away here.

    17. "Have you tried using Rogaine?"


    Not quite to that point yet.

    18. "Have you tried Bumpits?"

    Not quite up for that, either.

    19. "Why have I never seen your hair curled?"

    Paramount /

    I curled it this's just flat by the afternoon.

    20. "I wish my hair tie could wrap around my hair five times!"

    When you can do 5... #thinhairproblems

    Do you really wish that though? Do you?

    21. "Have you tried dry shampoo?"

    Disney /

    Yes, can't you tell I used it today?

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