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    16 Truths For People Who Get Major Anxiety When Texting

    Text me a one-word reply. I dare you.

    1. When someone wants to give you a mild heart attack all they have to do is NOT respond to a text in a timely manner.


    There are literally so MANY reasons why someone doesn't respond quickly, but leave it to you to assume they are dead in a ditch somewhere.

    2. Read receipts are a form of torture.


    You don't really want or need to know that you're actively being avoided.

    3. If you see a lengthy text message come in, you can't help but feel like you're about to receive the most terrible news of your life.



    4. When someone responds with one word or letter, you feel A) like you said something terribly wrong, or B) like the relationship is ending.


    You reread your text conversation a million times and probably analyze the hell out of it.

    5. You get totally freaked out when you receive a message that says something like, "We should talk later!"

    Happy Place / Via


    6. And you pretty much assume someone flat-out hates you when you haven't heard back from them in a day.


    The longer it takes for them to text you back, the greater the chance you are no longer best friends. Logic.

    7. Sometimes you worry that you may have texted back too quickly.

    Nickelodeon / Via

    "I look eager. I KNEW I should have waited at least an hour to respond. Ughhh."

    8. If you send the first text in a conversation or if you double-text, you almost always are immediately distressed.


    Unless they respond relatively quickly.

    9. If and when you ever decide to send a risky text, you are a bundle of nerves and an agitated mess until you hear back.

    Brittney Gibson for BuzzFeed

    *Checks phone every two seconds*

    10. Sometimes you become stressed by the fact that, unlike face-to-face interactions, you have an unlimited amount of time to craft the ~perfect~ response.

    USA Network

    And that's why sometimes even you yourself take hours to respond.

    11. It irks you when you text someone and they don't text back, but five minutes later you see them posting on social media.


    This kills you a little inside. WHAT DID YOU DO WRONG?

    12. You've been known to delete the numbers of people who don't text you back right away.

    Bravo / Via

    Because you literally cannot deal with the anxiety they have given you.

    13. Sometimes you become so anxious waiting for a reply that you put your phone on silent or have it facedown for hours.


    The "Do Not Disturb" feature on your iPhone is your savior.

    14. One of your biggest worries is that your playful messages or sarcastic remarks won't come across properly.

    New Line Cinema / Via

    "Did they read my joke right, or do they think I'm a total jerk?" 😁

    15. You worry that if the person you're texting doesn't add an exclamation mark, a "haha," or an emoji, they might be upset.

    Brittney Gibson for BuzzFeed / Via RUINEDCHILDHOOD.COM

    Uh-oh. Everything is ruined. LIFE OVER.

    16. And last but certainly not least, you're pretty sure that these three little bubbles will be the cause of your death.

    Brittney Gibson for BuzzFeed / Via


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