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20 Things That Will Make Your Breakup Hurt So Much Less

Love bites.

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4. For when you need to be dragged out of your room, forced to get ready, and taken out for a good time.

10. For when you need to sulk alone in your bedroom with nothing but a box of chocolates, a bottle of wine, and a romantic comedy that will make you sob until your tears run dry.

13. For when you need to binge eat Ben & Jerry's and rewatch your favorite season of Friends on Netflix.

These two items make the perfect pair. Get the spoon here and the ice cream cozy jacket here.

17. For when you send back your ex's items and want to throw in a little extra gift.

Yes, this is a ring with real prongs from an electrical plug. No, you should not actually send this to your ex. Check it out here.

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