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    19 Things That Happen When You Have The Sunday Scaries

    Monday is near, people. Be wary.

    People who have the Sunday Blues typically experience some, if not all, of the following symptoms:

    1. Excessive crying:

    Disney / Via Twitter: @jencradd

    2. An immoderate amount of alcohol consumption:

    Universal Pictures / Via Twitter: @Maryshere2

    3. A new knack for making up nonsensical words:

    4. Outright sadness:

    5. A slew of cynical thoughts:

    6. Fractured motivation:

    7. An unexplainable and immobilizing fear of pants:

    8. An unusual understanding of exercise:

    k_renee143 / Via

    9. A cold, wet, and soggy sensation:

    davie_dave / Via

    10. A persisting look of discontent:

    lauragregg19 / Via

    11. An unnecessary urge to create pie charts:

    keri_lynn / Via

    12. And venn diagrams:

    matthewscheer86 / Via

    13. Unbearable headaches that feel like this:

    emarie_j / Via

    14. An alarming claustrophobic feeling:

    humor_me_pink / Via

    15. Restlessness and excessive daydreaming:

    alyshaevans / Via

    16. A sudden desire to be impolite:

    talkthirtytome / Via

    17. Anxious thoughts:

    lindy_bop / Via

    18. A sense that someone or something is following you:

    19. And, finally, intense flashbacks:

    beckough / Via