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15 Rad Lunch Boxes Every '90s Girl Begged For

Your lunch box said a lot about your style back in the day.

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1. For the '90s chick who really dug cuddly kittens and holograms, there was, of course, Lisa Frank.

wheel_thrower / Via

2. For the little girl who had a big old cartoon crush on Simba.

Hoodratroughdiamond / Via

3. For the girl who secretly wanted to be a ~magical~ Sky Dancer herself.

vintagegoddesses / Via

4. For the girl fond of aardvarks and some solid educational TV.

OldSchoolAustin / Via

5. For the '90s girl who may have been too old for Pooh Bear but didn't really care.

WickedlyCollectible / Via

6. For the little girl who just wanted to paint with all the colors of the wind.

ohnoitsmarissa / Via

7. Or for the nugget who didn't want to give up her dream of being a mermaid.

AdamsFamilyThrift / Via

8. For the girl who lip-synced "...Baby One More Time" every morning in the mirror before school.

paintedgolden / Via

9. For the '90s gal who wrote "Mrs. Bass" on all her school assignments.

antiques_or_vintage / Via

10. And for the girl who deemed herself the sixth (lesser-known) member of the Spice Girls.

araguduh / Via

11. For the Power Rangers fan who frequently dreamed of slipping on that pink suit and capturing a villain.

supes1 / Via

12. For the girl whose room looked like Hello Kitty threw up in it.

paradigmswift / Via

13. For the girly girl who KNEW she was a princess but needed this Barbie Dream House to prove it.

solliot1 / Via

14. For the small but mighty girl who thought Bubbles was her spirit animal.

zxzx67 / Via

15. And last, but certainly not least, for the young lady who rocked out to "A Whole New World," on cassette morning, day, and night.

laregia2012 / Via

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