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    22 Pictures You Definitely Have Saved On Your Phone

    Go check.

    1. The screenshot of a Snapchat you can use as blackmail.

    Willie Myers for BuzzFeed

    Because this is why screenshots were invented.

    2. The row of reject selfies that didn't make it to social media.

    Iwasiljov / Via

    Because let's be real, no one gets a perfect selfie on the first try.

    3. The screenshot of a FaceTime conversation with a loved one.

    Efurlong / Via

    Because you definitely wanted to remember this.

    4. The camera burst photos that weren't intentional.

    Insta____pam / Via

    Because sometimes even you don't know how to work your own phone.

    5. The screenshot of someone you know on a dating app.

    Moodboard / Via thinkstock / Brittney Gibson

    Because you had to tell your closest friends and dissect his/her profile together.

    6. The screenshot of someone you absolutely swiped left to on a dating app. / Via

    Because you needed proof that some people are plain weird.

    7. The aerial shot you definitely stood on a chair to get.

    Kookooforcuisine / Via

    Because you did it for the Insta.

    8. The picture of a beautiful sunset.

    Neonblack777 / Via

    Because #nofilter.

    9. The picture of a receipt for your expense report.

    Sirena Laguana for BuzzFeed

    Because who has time to scan things?

    10. The screenshot of a text from someone being an ass.

    Brittney Gibson for BuzzFeed

    Because you had to show your best friends and get confirmation that you're better off without this person.

    11. The picture of your furry friend doing something amusing.

    Flynnfootage / Via

    Because animals are awesome.

    12. The unplanned blurry foot picture.

    Britney Gibson for BuzzFeed

    Because phones have a mind of their own.

    13. The mirror selfie.

    Lisaalovesfashion / Via

    Because no one else was there to capture your on-point outfit.

    14. The picture you took when you were feeling yourself.

    Sambaby91 / Via

    Because you wanted to remind yourself later how good you looked.

    15. The picture of your parking garage location.

    Iamtomprather / Via

    Because no one likes getting lost in the parking garage for hours.

    16. The screenshot of YET another college friend having a baby.

    Lindsey McCarthur / Via

    Because you can't believe everyone (but you) is settling down so quickly.

    17. The throwback photo you've been saving for months.

    Brittney Gibson for BuzzFeed

    Because you might need some extra love on social media this Thursday.

    18. The shot from an airplane window.

    Ellen Ensor / Getty Images

    Because how often do you get to see clouds THIS close?

    19. The epic concert pic.

    One_banana / Via

    Because you were in the moment and you didn't care that you would probably never look at this picture ever again.

    20. The accidental screenshot of your home screen.

    Brittney Gibson for BuzzFeed

    Because you sat on your phone. Oops.

    21. The grainy snap you tried to take of the supermoon.

    Tos_nana / Via

    Because everyone else was doing it.

    22. And the necessary creeper shot of a total stranger doing something absurd.

    Katie Myers for BuzzFeed

    Because no one would believe you if it weren't for this picture.

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