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    Posted on Dec 28, 2015

    29 New Year’s Resolutions Early ’00s Girls Made

    "This year I will master the art of the Heelys."

    1. Buy tickets to a Britney Spears concert. Preferably get tickets where you don't have to sit in the very back on the itchy lawn.

    2. Beat your brother or sister at Mario Party. Just once. Or at least get more stars than them in one stinking game.

    3. Convince your mom and dad to let you get your own landline. And then once you do, make sure to purchase a really cool transparent one that lights up when it rings.

    4. Build up some solid required reading hours with the American Girl or Nickelodeon magazine.

    5. Start adding money to your giant Crayola piggy bank daily so that you can finally go on that Disney Cruise.

    6. Trade your holographic Pokémon card for some cold, hard cash.

    7. Find a way to extend your bedtime to 9:00 p.m. so you can watch As Told By Ginger or All That.

    8. Collect enough Silly Bandz to fill up your whole left arm.

    9. Finally learn how to do a wheelie on your Razor and master the art of not falling while wearing your Heelys.

    10. Convince your mom to let you upgrade from a Magic Attic Doll to an American Girl Doll.

    11. Upgrade from Game Boy Color to a ~fancy~ Game Boy Advance.

    12. Get mostly "Perfects" while performing to "I Like to Move It" on Dance Dance Revolution.

    13. Finally finish whatever book in A Series Of Unfortunate Events you are reading.

    14. Practice Speed Stacking more frequently so you can show the other kids your cup stacking skillz during P.E..

    speedstackinggirl / Via

    15. Find out who Smarter Child is.

    16. Figure out the secret code to earn free money on The Sims.

    17. Learn how to correctly Double Dutch.

    18. Try to treat yourself to an Orange Julius on the reg.

    19. Start your own club or become a member of a club. It's mandatory that you have laminated membership cards.

    20. Train your Furby to say the naughtiest cuss word you know.

    21. Find items to fill up your Dooney & Bourke purse or velcro wallet.

    22. Figure out how your mood ring knows exactly what you're feeling.

    23. Get at least five questions right when playing along with Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. And no, you cannot phone a friend.

    24. See if you're old enough to audition for American Idol, and if you are, do it. Even if you know you are never going to make it.

    25. Save enough money to buy those zip-off cargo pants at Limited Too or those rad pair of Etnies.

    26. Find the perfect mini-backpack.

    27. Figure out how to do a trick with your yo-yo without having it hit you in the head.

    28. Learn how to ride your Zoo York skateboard so you can go to the skate park and do more than just watch.

    29. And last but not least, try not to quit piano lessons this year.


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