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    16 Inevitable Things That Happen When Your Name Is Britney

    It's Britney, bitch.

    1. For starters, you are instantly associated with this iconic celeb:

    Jason Merritt / Getty Images

    There could be worse things.

    2. Which often leads to the following question:

    #GrowingUpWithMyName "were you named after Britney Spears?" No. No I was not.

    3. To which you respond:

    NBC / Via

    "Funny story, she wasn't famous when I was born."

    4. You are typecast as the nice girl.

    5. Or the wild girl.

    6. Or the cheerleader.

    Remember Britney Allen from Bring It On: All or Nothing and Brittany Pierce from Glee?

    7. And unfortunately, sometimes people just assume you're not very bright.

    8. You are used to reading various interpretations of how others think your name should be spelled.

    9. And sometimes peoples' spellings defy all logic.

    10. Misspellings happen so frequently, that you have no problem calling people out on the reg.

    Yo, that's NOT my name.

    11. And if you spell your name "Britney," you can say goodbye to having a personalized Coke bottle.

    12. Because they literally don't make a Britney bottle. Sorry.

    Is it really that unique though, Coca-Cola? Is it?

    13. You sometimes wish your name was more exotic and less common.

    Paramount /

    It's annoying to be referred to by your last name in a sea of Britneys.

    14. But at the same time, the commonness of your name is what helps you form on-the-spot bonds with every Britney/Brittney/Brittany that you meet.

    15. You literally hear this phrase a minimum of 15 times a day.

    NBC /

    16. And although sometimes being named Britney can have its setbacks, who else can rightfully walk around town saying this with pride?

    Not many.

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