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19 Things You'll Only Find In A College Dorm

Passive-aggressive notes and cheap food for the win.

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1. Nothing says college dorm life more than this leaning tower of pizza:

The_Mac_Attack / Via

2. This poor, lost sock:

vertazontal / Via

3. This simplified pad thai recipe:

trall006 / Via

4. This piece of sophisticated furniture:

5. Or these Post-it decorations:

6. These room name tags:

YupKick / Via

7. This passive-aggressive note:

GeneDasher / Via

8. And this one:

Jermypalzo / Via

9. And, what do you know, this one too:

Bboy710 / Via

10. This high-tech air-conditioning unit:

TeccaN9na / Via

11. This dual-function faucet:

HeroicTugboat / Via

12. This farm-fresh sod:

javems / Via

13. And this friendly whiteboard message:

dazzed57 / Via

14. This knockoff Febreze:

15. This not at all immature prank:

projectoffset / Via

16. Or this innovative fridge design:

17. This fun bathroom accessory:

18. This fully stocked fridge:

whyohgodwhy / Via

19. And, finally, this game of trash Jenga:

wilsond705 / Via

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