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21 Fearful Confessions From People Entering New Relationships

"I'm in a new relationship and I'm so scared to lose him that I can't even act like myself..."

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1. The fear of the past:

2. The fear of what others will think:

3. The fear of it being too good to be true:

4. The fear of losing the spark:

5. The fear of making a deal-breaking mistake:

6. The fear of being one's true self:

7. The fear of past relationships being stronger:

8. The fear of having to choose between important relationships:

9. The fear of your new significant other not being "good enough":

10. The fear of being broken from an ex:

11. The fear of saying the wrong thing:

12. The fear of not listening to your gut:

13. The fear of not being able to overcome prior habits:

14. The fear of getting in too deep and having your heart obliterated again:

15. The fear of being unable to remain faithful:

16. The fear of it only being a physical attraction:

17. The fear of not being worthy:

18. The fear of things accelerating too quickly:

19. The fear of not knowing:

20. The fear of intimacy:

21. And the ever-present fear of wearing your heart on your sleeve:

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