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17 Tweets That Remind Us What Our Lives Used To Look Like Before Facebook

Happy 12th Birthday, Facebook! Now, let's remember what life was like before you.

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On Tuesday night, the @midnight show with Chris Hardwick celebrated Facebook's 12th birthday by playing a game of #HashtagWars featuring the hashtag #BeforeFacebook.

It's hard to believe but there really was a time before Facebook so tonight we're playing #BeforeFacebookI...

Shortly after the show, Twitter users began posting their favorite memories pre-Facebook. Here are some of the all too true tweets:

1. On stalking:

2. On seeing people you'd just rather not:

3. On grammar:

4. On graffiti:

5. On bathroom reading material:

6. On remembering birthdays:

7. On "liking" things:

8. On playing games:

9. On "poking" people:

10. On getting a good night's rest:

11. On the actual meaning of words:

12. On documenting meals:

13. On security:

14. On ~viral~ things:

15. On those Myspace days:

16. On books with faces:

17. And, finally, on calculating what other people think:

Watch the whole #HashtagWars game here.

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