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    22 "As Seen On TV" Products That Actually Exist

    You can finally say goodbye to your saggy neck.

    1. Bowl Brite


    Because apparently taking a piss in the middle of the night is a little like stopping at a traffic light.

    2. Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner / Via

    Watch steam come out of a mama's head while your microwave gets squeaky-clean.

    3. Roll-n-Grow

    Via /

    Who would've ever thought gardening could be so easy?!

    4. Neck Genie Elite

    The toning neck system you've been searching for your whole life. Saggy neck no more!!!

    5. My Pillow

    Everyone has GOT to go buy "My Pillow" right now. Not my actual pillow, but one that's called "My Pillow."

    6. Wonder Washer / Via

    Wonder Washer, aka the world's smallest washing machine. Probably just big enough to wash a single hand towel.

    7. Rake Hands


    Who needs a regular rake when you could bend over and break your back using these super rake hands???

    8. Pizza Fresh Microwave Reheating Tray


    Without this triangular microwavable tray, your pizza from last Thursday will just NOT taste good.

    9. Swing Weights


    You'll be the coolest kid on the block walking around with these weights that literally give you the momentum to keep pushing forward.

    10. Big Vision Glasses

    The coolest glasses you have EVER seen, and they look great over prescription glasses.

    11. Gardening Sleeves


    Because it's too much work to put on a long-sleeve shirt.

    12. Cami Secret

    And it's also too much work to put on a full cami.

    13. Stealth S.S.A.


    This product is apparently made to help you "stylishly hear sounds of nature." But, with the word "stealth" in the title, it could just as easily be used to overhear your neighbors' conversations.

    14. Long Reach Comfort Wipe

    Via /

    You will literally never have to wipe your butt or touch dirty toilet paper ever again!!!

    15. Pillow Pets Tricksters Helmets


    Trick your kids into wearing a stuffed animal on their head.

    16. Curl-A-Dog

    A hot dog slicer that creates flavor pockets and instantly makes hot dogs taste SO much better.

    17. Moo Mixer โ€“ Supreme Chocolate Milk Mixer


    A cup that will simplify the laborious act of mixing up a nice glass of chocolate milk.

    18. Sauna Pants

    It's like a sauna, but it's pants! Sauna pants!

    19. Juggle Bubbles

    Via /

    Bubbles that you can FINALLY juggle! The secret is in the ~magical~ gloves.

    20. The Magic Path Coloring Book


    For the adult so stressed that they wholeheartedly believe that "With the turn of a page, and a touch of color, you [can] begin a magical journey!"

    21. Fone Ring


    Fashion meets function.

    22. Shower Wow

    A showerhead equipped with colorful LED lights? Honestly, what could be better?

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