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11 Wild Cheese Recipes For Your First Cheester (Cheese + Easter)

No Cheese Puns Guaranteed!

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So Wrong It Nom / Via

In honor of Cheester (cheese + Easter, thanks Annem, you’re a genius!) we will be whipping out the most bloody delicious cheese recipes we know. We love chocolate but cheese is life #cheesenotchoc

Considering lately everyone is a pun expert I am sure you’re awaiting one after that amazing cheese introduction. But really, CBF, I’m just not good at them, I could have gone and Googled one but I’d rather watch panda’s on YouTube. Instead enjoy the best cheese recipes you're even seen.

Simple Summer Cheese Board

Half Baked Harvest / Via

I know what you're thinking, this “simple” cheese board is basic AF. I’d prefer my store bought dip, stale crackers and rubber cheddar anyday. If you had a enough brain power to read this paragraph and had not stare longingly at this platter of dreams, I AM KIDDING! Just thank me for the recipe.

Turkey Brie Grilled Sandwich with Cranberry

Feasting at Home / Via ard/

We personally believe any sandwich can go from zero to hero with a little toasting (ever eaten a untoasted subway sandwich, it’s horrendous). But this would still be good 3 hours after making, stuffed deep in your bag under 1 rotten banana and 1 forgotten tub of hummus

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