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Latasha Alcindor - All A Dream

New York artist Latasha Alcindor known as L.A., is producing her first ever ensemble production event titled All A Dream.

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All A Dream Ensemble

Alberto Vargas

All A Dream is a visually and musically driven memoir of Alcindor’s deep-rooted NYC upbringing, engulfed with her 2017 album releases BLAK & Teen Nite @ Empire .

ALL A Dream Details

Manifesto NYC

Hosted by Manifesto NYC, this event will display in her most vulnerable state, allowing audience members to connect with her on a more deeper and spiritual level. Alcindor is allowing people to see her struggles, triumphs and personal growth as she continues the journey to self exploration and love.

New York Native

Alberto Vargas

Her poetic flows mixed with the remnants of growing up in the harrowing streets of New York, makes for a perfect story of survival in a non-traditional way.

L.A.'s Journey to Self Love

Latasha Alcindor

Her political prowess and awareness of the socially and economical struggles of society as a New York native, is another unique piece of L.A.’s journey toward self love and acceptance that will be played out in this earnest ensemble.

All A Dream Official Trailer

View this video on YouTube

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Checkout the official trailer to Latasha Alcindor's "All A Dream" memoir as she prepares to share her life story with the world.

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