Things You Learned From Troop #332 (Better Known As Troop Beverly Hills)

In honor of the glorious time known as “cookie time”, let’s take a look at our favorite troop leader from troop #332 and see what she might have taught you besides cookie-hawking skills.

1. You learned how to dance or more specifically do the “Freddy”

Which really just resembles half-assed jumping jacks.

2. You learned scary stories come in all shapes and sizes

and to be honest…I haven’t heard of a scarier tale since.

3. You learned what to bring when you go camping

So I *can* bring my laptop, flat-screen, espresso machine, and silk sheets after all!! Whew - that’s a relief!

4. You learned how to down-size your life

one word: priorities

5. You learned the importance of compromise

It’s all about being fair.

6. You learned it’s always best to be prepared

On point, Madam.

7. You learned how to properly greet people of importance

It’s all about manners, folks.

8. You learned when the going gets tough - break into song

Sing it, girl.

9. You learned how to separate yourself from a crowd

One of these things is not like the other, one of these things does not belong….And that’s how I like it!!

10. You learned the importance of starting fresh

and that it means you can splurge on new clothes because of it.

11. You learned to be proud of the skills you do have

Don’t tell me I don’t know how to talk someone into giving me an extra 10% off while taking a coupon on an item already on sale. *Shopping level: Jedi*

12. You learned how to be thrifty

and I see the beginnings of a small stain here…

13. But most of all you learned that haters are gunna hate

and you can’t let that affect you, and by being true to yourself you realize how good it makes you feel when you take the high road.

14. So with that I leave you…

Gather round you friends of mine. We’re Wilderness Girls and it’s cookie time!!

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