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    15 Perks Of Being A Middle Child

    It's not so bad being stuck in the middle. Let's turn that frown upside down.

    1. You have a whole syndrome named after you. Middle-child syndrome = the ability to act an ass and have an excuse for doing it.

    2. You're a free thinker. You don't allow others to influence you, you tend to question everything and make your own way.

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    3. You had more freedom growing up. Forget using the window to sneak out, pssh — you used the front door. Nobody noticed you were gone anyways.

    4. You have a tight circle of friends. Growing up you wanted to spend more time with your friends than family, so it's only natural that they became your family.

    5. You have all the benefits of having an older sibling. They gave you advice, taught you things, and sometimes let you borrow their favorite shirt (although you usually just stole it if they didn't.)

    6. Better yet, you have a younger sibling who looked up to you. You could also blame them for things, and you got to teach them new habits that would make your parents proud.

    7. You're good at mind games. Nothing was ever given to you, so you had to work your magic to make it happen.

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    8. You're empathetic. Since your feelings were often put on the back burner, you are able to relate to others.

    9. You're independent. Since you were often left to fend for yourself, you learned how to make things happen on your own.

    10. You're creative. With your older sibling to take the focus off of you, you were free to be you and develop talents you never knew you had.

    11. You're resilient. No matter what comes your way you're just going to keep on, keeping on.

    Walt Disney Pictures / Pixar Animation Studios / Via

    12. You're a solid negotiator. When the mind-games didn't work, you talked your parents into what you wanted by working out deals. This pays off later with job interviews, buying a house, etc.

    13. You got to be rebellious. You questioned authority and did what you wanted. I blame #1. / Via wiffles

    14. You don't take things for granted. You know how to appreciate the good in life, and how to enjoy it come what may.

    15. And finally the greatest perk: your birth order. It wasn't always the best, but being a middle child is what made you who you are — an awesome individual that's come to chew bubblegum and kick ass....and you're all out of bubblegum. / Via wiffles
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