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    • brittanym66

      I’ve been a barista/cafe manager for the past 6 years.  I am not pretentious about my job, nor a “hipster”, but it does require some skill believe it or not. We are not called “baristas” because we pour you drip coffee.  You would not believe how difficult it is for new baristas to even get a proper shot of espresso out of the machine…let alone steam the milk properly so what we pour is sweet, creamy, frothy, delicious goodness! I’m not talking machines with automated buttons and a plop of foam on top like they do at most chain coffee houses. And you know what, latte art? It actually takes zero time at all if you steam the milk properly…that awesome leafy design you see is all in the pour! Sorry we want to give you a nice presentation for the $5+ you just spent on coffee. If you’d like swamp water, just say so. I think it’s hilarious when people complain about prices! You know what? The staff doesn’t make up them up! It’s true.
      And those little add-ons you like so much? Well for a small locally owned business, a lot of those extra things go to waste because not everyone likes to drink “non-fat, hazelnut,soy, moccachinos with extra whipped cream” (and yes that is a real, I’ll be it ridiculous, order).  Lots of the people that go to these small coffee shops go there because the COFFEE is good and don’t care to pump it full of crappy additives. You want that, you go to starbucks. Enjoy your diabetes in a cup!  I’m sorry if I’m getting a little passionate about this subject, but I have only ever worked for locally owned businesses. I see the hard work that goes into making a businesses successful and keeping people happy. We love and appreciate our “regulars” and are ecstatic that they choose to come to our little shops rather than commercially owned companies! If you are unhappy with the service you are receiving, the long waits, or the “outlandish” prices then stay home and make your own coffee. Don’t have time? Go to Mcdonalds.

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