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Don't Want To Go To The Gym? Make The Gym Come To You!

Are you ever unmotivated to make that drive to the gym? No one said you had to leave your house to be fit!

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In-Home Gym!

Are you Charlotte Chicks ever caught off guard with work, life events that come up, or just by pure laziness? There are absolutely no rules anywhere that say that you have to go to a nice facility, neighborhood fitness center, or workout class to stay in shape. This week, I caught myself traveling, having job interviews, juggling schoolwork, as well as the stress of graduation-- needless to say, I did NOT make it to the gym.

What I DID do, however, was transform my living room into a gym every other evening to do quick and easy strength and cardio workouts all in the comfort of my own home. With the help of Pinterest and workout sensation, Kayla Itsines. Pinterest has hundreds of thousands in-home workouts that don't require any type of equipment at all. This is a fun and convenient way to workout when under a lot of constraints as well as working out when you don't feel as confident as you would like to when working out. 30-45 minutes each day that I worked out, had me more sore than the actual gym almost!

Below, I will attach a few of my favorite workouts from this past week!

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