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    10 Truly Bizarre Pieces Of Jewelry That Are Deeply Unsettling

    Well, mark me down as scared and... intrigued?

    1. These earrings would definitely come in handy

    WeirdSculpture / Via

    Get them from WeirdSculpture on Etsy for $24 (skin color is fully customizable).

    2. These pelvis earrings are truly bone-chilling

    CurioBlack / Via

    Get it from CurioBlack on Etsy for $9.

    3. Never feel lonely again with this Ken doll ring's reassuring smile

    gjarvisjewelryetc / Via

    Get it from gjarvisjewelryetc on Etsy for $9.45.

    4. There's nothing like a good old-fashioned (faux) human teeth necklace

    WeirdSculpture / Via

    Get it from WeirdSculpture on Etsy for $38.

    5. Yes, this dried fish necklace is made with an actual dried fish coated in resin

    Linggo / Via

    Get if from Linggo on Etsy for $32.31.

    6. Never be stranded in the bathroom again with these toilet paper earrings

    LiciaBeads / Via

    Get it from LiciaBeads on Etsy starting at $34 (available in three metals and three colors).

    7. Don't worry. These Barbie doll feet earrings aren't ticklish

    18Moods / Via

    Get it from 18Moods on Etsy for $20.

    8. Don't have enough fingers to wear all your favorite rings at once? We've got you covered with this human finger headband

    WeirdSculpture / Via

    Get if from WeirdSculpture on Etsy for $66.

    9. This necklace is perfect for those in your life who act like they don't have a brain

    Linggo / Via

    Get if from Linggo on Etsy starting at $30.81.

    10. And last but not least disturbing, never forget to brush your teeth again with this denture bracelet

    ConcaveOblivion / Via

    Get if from ConcaveOblivion on Etsy for $200.


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