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    • brittanye9

      “To glorify democracy and to silence the people is a farce; to discourse on humanism and to negate people is a lie.” Warning: this book is so dangerous it’s banned in some areas for “promoting the overthrow of the United States government” (Arizona HB 2281-check it out). Freire gives a blueprint for the revolution. I cannot adequately explain the influence this book had on social justice movements around the world or its potential use in the coming years. It can get heavy but is worth the read-nay, it’s a necessary read. I carry this book around with me. If you want to change the world or care about education and social justice this is a good place to start.  “Freedom is acquired by conquest, not by gift. It must be pursued constantly and responsibly. Freedom is not an ideal located outside of man; nor is it an idea which becomes myth. It is rather the indispensable condition for the quest for human completion.”

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